Daja H., MT

I contacted Mandi because I wanted to be happy. I [wasn't] entirely sure what it was going to take to get me there. I figured a good start would be losing weight. It turned out to be significantly deeper than just losing weight.

Mandi was amazing in the way she worked through all the layers to help me find the core things that needed work. We worked on every part of me. She was amazing in her constant support. She taught me it is OK to slip and to get back up.

We worked on foods, water intake, exercise, self care, and most importantly self love. If it wasn't for her and her amazing tools she provided to me, I don't know that I would have found the new appreciation I have for myself. I actually enjoy who I am and have found my happy.

I will forever be grateful for how much Mandi did for me. She is an amazing soul!